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Hyundai pipe job ad: Man's suicide attempt foiled by new car's clean emission

Hyundai pipe job ad: Man's suicide attempt foiled by new car's clean emission, Hyundai car commercial used the staging of a suicide to help sell its new car that offers 100% water emission. To show this, the commercial depicts a man, who appears beaten down by life, inside a closed garage as he hooks up the exhaust system of a Hyundai car to the inside of the car. The man looks like he is about to kill himself as he takes a seat behind the wheel, draws in a deep breath and then closes his eyes, according to JS Online April 25, 2013.

The man emerges from the garage several hours later completely unharmed, which apparently is Hyundai's way of advertising that their new car offers clean emissions. This was not the smartest way to sell this car as the uproar started almost immediately from this advertisement appearing online. While the commercial intended to showcase the Hyundai ix35's 100% water emissions, this wasn't acknowledge until the end of the commercial.

By the time you learned about the 100% water emission, the car could have done flip flops and you still wouldn't notice this because all was lost in the morbid setting. Suicide prevention groups deem this commercial as "offensive" and "irresponsible. The YouTube commercial was viewed by many who called this ad many things, but "disgusting" and "the worst ad ever" seemed to sum up the overall consensus. Hyundai apologized on their Twitter account in Britain today.

Hyundai decided to pull the commercial and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention agreed with the car company's decision to do so.

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