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Larry Flynt unable to evict his brother Jimmy from adult themed business

Larry Flynt unable to evict his brother Jimmy from adult themed business, A judge has ruled today that Hustler founder Larry Flynt cannot evict his younger brother Jimmy Flynt from his Elm Street business in downtown Cincinnati. The brothers argued over the lease's legality. Hamilton County Judge Steve Martin ruled that Jimmy Flynt has a valid lease and doesn't have to leave.

Jimmy Flynt’s attorney had said that his client has operated the business on Elm Street since 2000.

The latest rift between the Flynt brothers began after Larry Flynt sued his brother to make him stop infringing on the Hustler trademark. Originally, the business was “The Hustler Store.”

Jimmy Flynt changed the store name to “Jimmy Flynt Sexy Gifts.”

Both men have made their names in the pornography business and court battles are nothing new for them.

After Larry Flynt fired his two nephews from Hustler, they started making their own pornography movies using the Hustler name. Larry Flynt demanded his nephews stop using the Hustler name. After they had refused, Larry Flynt took his nephews to court in 2009.

The courts ruled in Larry Flynt’s favor.

After his victory, he also removed little brother Jimmy from Hustler. Larry Flynt has said that his brother was nothing more than an employee. However, Jimmy Flynt says he has been a business partner with his brother for many years.

Brother Larry is known for his past court battles involving obscenity charges against former Hamilton County Prosecutor Simon Leis Jr.

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