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Prison riot 13 dead: Dozens more hurt in Mexican prison riot

Prison riot 13 dead: Dozens more hurt in Mexican prison riot, A fight broke out in a prison right before daybreak on Saturday, April 27, 2013, and as Reuters reports, it got very ugly. The prison riot in the central Mexican state of San Luis Potosi has left 13 dead and at least 65 injured. It took a while, but state police were able to regain control over the prison in the morning.

At least 100 inmates were said to have participated in the prison riot, and Concepcion Tovar, head of the state's prison system, blames it on a gang. That gang was said to have been robbing and harassing other inmates in the prison.

The prison riot left 13 dead and all of the deaths were caused by some kind of improvised weapons or sharp objects. It is unclear as to whether all 13 dead and 64 wounded were inmates or not.

Overcrowded prisons in Mexico make riots a common occurrence, and it doesn't help that inmates from rival gangs are housed near one another. Once one gang member speaks to another, planning begins and riots, such as the one on Saturday, are possible.

Tovar went on to say that she wasn't sure if the riot was due to turf wars between drug gangs or not.

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