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Second child of Philadelphia prayer and healing couple dies

Second child of Philadelphia prayer and healing couple dies, The Philadelphia couple who belong to a prayer and healing church which does not believe in medicine but believes only in the power of prayer and healing have lost another child due to pneumonia. It was reported by CBS Philly on April 23 that this is the second child to die from pneumonia because the couple only believes in the power of prayer and God's healing. They do not believe in medicine and although two of their children got sick, they wouldn't take them to the doctor or the hospital.

First, it was their two-year-old son who died from pneumonia in 2009 and now the second child of prayer-healing couple, Catherine Schaible and Herbert Schaible has died from pneumonia. This time is was their 8-month old son.

The couple belongs to the First Century Gospel Church that only believes in healing from prayer, not medicine. Their seven remaining children have been taken out of their home and are now in the care of Child Protective Custody. They are placing them in foster care.

For the death of their first child, they received 10-years probation. However, they have not been charged with the death of their second child yet. Although, that could change once the autopsy comes back.

What do you think of this couple? Don't you agree they should have gotten more than probation and should be put in jail now for the death of their second child? Sound off with your comments below and let everyone know what you think.

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