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Teen arrested, suspended for NRA shirt, returns to school with same shirt on

Teen arrested, suspended for NRA shirt, returns to school with same shirt on, According to Yahoo! News, Jared Marcum, an eighth grade student from West Virginia returned to school Monday wearing the same shirt that got him arrested, suspended and facing charges for obstruction and disturbing the education process.

Marcum wore a t-shirt to school supporting the NRA with a picture of a rifle and the words "Protect Your Rights" printed on the front.

When a teacher protested the shirt the two argued leading to the suspension and eventual arrest of Jared.

Marcum, 14, now faces charges of obstruction and disturbing the education process.

Ben White, Marcum's attorney, said school officials haven't backed down on the suspension because they say he caused a disruption. "Their version is that the suspension was for disrupting the educational process, not the shirt," White told Fox News.

“I believe the teacher was acting beyond the scope of his employment,” White told ABC. “What the video shows is that students did step up on the benches to the tables in the lunchroom when they were escorting Jared out of building. Kids jumped up, clapping.”

Jared’s dad is not happy with the situation and points out that school policy doesn't say you can’t have images of guns on T-shirts.

The school does have a dress code rule against clothes that display violence but gun images are not specifically listed. Logan Middle School's policy regarding dress states:

A student will not dress or groom in a manner that disrupts the educational process or is detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of others. A student will not dress in a manner that is distractive or indecent, to the extent that it interferes with the teaching and learning process, including wearing any apparel that displays or promotes any drug-, alcohol- or tobacco-related product that is prohibited in school buildings, on school grounds, in school-leased or owned vehicles, and at all school-affiliated functions.

"I never thought it would go this far because honestly I don't see a problem with this. There shouldn't be a problem with this," Marcum told KOWK-TV.

When Jared's suspension was over, Logan County students wore NRA t-shirts yesterday in solidarity with Marcum, White said, adding that Marcum is an honor roll student eyeing a career in the military. The school did not mention any disciplinary action for the shirts.

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