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US now has self-cleaning shirt: Doesn't need to be washed for 100 days

US now has self-cleaning shirt: Doesn't need to be washed for 100 days, A company in the United States has made a self-cleaning shirt. This shirt can be worn for 100 days without being washed. According to a report by Digital Spy on April 29, the shirt is made with a special wool material that makes it resistant to odors and creasing. This means one can wear it for as long as 100 days and not wash it. It won't even crumple up when stuffed in a bag. However, when it does need to be washed, it will have to be either gently washed or dry cleaned.

What is so special about this type of wool the shirt is made with is that it can be bent back on itself 20,000 times when cotton can only be bent back 3,200 times.

Another thing that is great about wool is that it absorbs sweat more. This means your sweat won't lie on the surface long enough to create bacteria, which means it won't smell.

Although this sounds like a good idea, would anyone actually want to wear one shirt for 100 days without dry cleaning it? Maybe.

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