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Bread tag dress: Bride creates wedding dress from 10,000 bread tags

Bread tag dress: Bride creates wedding dress from 10,000 bread tags, ABC News reported some strange news on April 22, 2013; a young Australian couple waited ten long years to get married because the bride's dress took that long to create. Fashion designer Stephanie Watson, designed and created her one of a kind dress out of ten thousand plastic bread tags.

"I always liked the idea of a fashion challenge and thought a wedding dress would be the ultimate test!," Watson wrote in an email.

With the help of other people who collected and gave the tags to the couple, Watson thought they had enough to start the wedding dress project.

"Ten years later I thought, 'surely we've got enough for a wedding dress now'", said Watson.

After hundreds of hours of designing the dress, Watson says it was not as difficult as she anticipated to make it. Will was unable to be surprised by the dress on their wedding day, as he had to help her fit it as she was creating it. Using the bread tags and recycled materials the dress cost only $38.00 to complete.

The couple married earlier this year and are now expecting their first child together. Watson has a shop on Etsy where sells her designs.

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