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Glenn Beck conspiracy: Beck reveals facts of Boston bombing cover-up conspiracy

Glenn Beck conspiracy: Beck reveals facts of Boston bombing cover-up conspiracy, Glenn Beck is of a belief that likely isn't shared by a lot of people, and that usually seems to be the norm. The Inquisitr reported on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, that Glenn Beck believes the Boston Marathon bombing investigation is a cover-up conspiracy. With that being said, Beck has even revealed his reasoning and facts to believe such a thing.

Beck has said that the investigation into the bombings at the Boston Marathon is a cover-up and a conspiracy dealing with a Saudi national by the name of Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi.

Alharbi was reportedly in violation of section 212 3B of the Immigration and Nationality Act. That particular section cites "terrorist activities" and "security and related grounds." Alharbi was actually cleared of any involvement in the bombings which have now been revealed to be the actions of just the Tsarnaev brothers.

Later, it was discovered that Alharbi's travel visa to stay in the United States had expired, and that could be grounds for his deportation.

Glenn Beck went on to say that his conspiracy could cause some of his sources to be threatened with prison terms of up to 20 years.

"We don’t know at this point how [the Saudi national Abdul Rohman Ali Alharbi] was involved … but I do know he was involved [in the Boston bombing.]"

Police are currently investigating the whole situation and questioning 19-year-old Djhokar Tsarnaev in the Boston Marathon bombings. Tsarneav has also been charged with using a weapon of mass destruction and could face the death penalty.

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