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Shoplifter gets away with $870 worth of nail polish

Shoplifter gets away with $870 worth of nail polish, A shoplifter entered a CVS pharmacy in Middleton, Connecticut on Thursday only to leave with $870 worth of nail polish stuffed in his clothes. According to NBC News, it was reported on April 23 that he stole 102 bottles of nail varnish. The nail polish, which was made by Essie and Sally Hansen cost $8.49 per bottle. The total he stole was worth exactly $865.98.

Marco Gonzales, 42, admitted he was not even planning on paying for the nail polish. What was he planning on doing with them? No one knows. He was confronted around 9 PM Thursday night and was arrested and charged with a 5th degree larceny charge. However, he was released on a $1,000 bond.

He is to appear in court on May 1. The senior loss prevention officer from CVS said the store will be pressing charges against him for the theft.

What do you think about this story? What do you think he was planning on doing with so much nail polish? Sound off with your opinion in the comments below and let your voice be heard.

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