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Would you trust Jodi Arias around your children

Would you trust Jodi Arias around your children, As the Jodi Arias trial nears its end, and the accused murderess comes closer to her fate (whatever it may be), there are still tons of details being shared with the media -- keeping this story at the top of media interests. On April 29, 2013 HLN reported that one of Travis Alexander's friends expressed discomfort with Jodi -- in particular, regarding his children.

Would you trust this woman around your children -- the woman accused of stabbing Travis Alexander 27 times before shooting him in the face? Chris Hughes certainly did not trust the woman, and during his interview with Dr. Drew he recollected his discomfort with Arias around his own kids. His memory involves he and his wife and children sleeping in the same home as Arias and Travis, and how they caught Jodi eavesdropping on them outside their bedroom door.

"We were so freaked out," said Hughes. "We laid there in bed, my wife and I, wondering, 'Are our children safe?'"

It seems that the awkward Jodi Arias made an impact on this family, so they must feel really uncomfortable with knowing that she killed a close friend of theirs -- even if she does claim it was out of self defense. There's no doubt that they must wonder if Jodi had also spied on their children that night, or if she had entered their rooms. How frightening of a thought!

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