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Baby on beach arrest: Mother concocted story about finding infant abandoned

Baby on beach arrest: Mother concocted story about finding infant abandoned, The woman who reportedly rescued an abandoned baby from a beach in Hawaii has been arrested. According to an update from the Washington Post on May 1 , 2013, the woman conjured up a story about how she heard a baby crying and found the infant lying naked and alone on a beach shortly before midnight. The woman's story was concocted, as she is the mother of the infant.

Keala Simeona of Honolulu was arrested for filing a false police report. After posting a $250 bail, she was released. Police don't expect to have the woman face any more charges as the baby was never in danger. Simeona brought the newborn to a hospital immediately after giving birth to the baby girl.

The 21-year-old mother conjured up a detailed story which started with her driving to a beach and hearing several people screaming in the distance when she got there. When the screams stopped all she could hear were the cries of a baby in the dark. She followed the sound and found the naked newborn just abandoned on the sand. She then scooped up the infant and took the newborn to the hospital, so her story goes.

The baby nick named “Baby Sandy” is a healthy full-term baby who weighs eight pounds. It is up to a family court hearing that is scheduled for Monday if Simeona's parental rights will be terminated. While this wasn't a honest scenario, the mother did bring her child to a safe place when for some unknown reason she had decided she couldn't care for the baby.

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