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High school student blows up things at school: Gets expelled then arrested

High school student blows up things at school: Gets expelled then arrested, Kids are always curious about things. Apparently, a Florida high school student's curiosity got the best of her by getting her expelled and arrested, according to a report by BoingBoing on May 1. This Florida student was blowing things up for Science because she was curious what toilet bowl cleaner mixed with aluminum foil would do. However, because she did this on school grounds, she was first expelled and then arrested.

No one was hurt during the explosion but since it happened at school, the student may be facing charges. The school is also going as far as supporting her being charged as an adult for a felony.

This student was otherwise a good student with an excellent track record and she was well-behaved. Scientists are talking about this incident on Twitter and reminiscing about everything they used to blow up when they were kids. They are using the hashtag #KieraWilmot, this is the name of the student who was blowing things up.

What do you think about this? Do you think the school went too far with going as far as trying to charge her as an adult?

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