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Twins born 87 days apart: Baby made world wait for her arrival

Twins born 87 days apart: Baby made world wait for her arrival, Twins born 87 days apart happened to a mom in Ireland. FOX News reports April 30 that 34-year-old Maria Jones-Elliott went into labor four months prematurely on June 1, 2012 and gave birth to one of her babies. Her daughter, Amy, was only one-pound, three-ounces. After Amy arrived, Maria's contractions stopped. The second baby wasn't ready to enter the world yet.

Maria remained hospitalized until the other child was ready to be delivered. Amy's twin sister, Katie, was born 87 days later on August 27.

Unsuccessful attempts were made at inducing labor so the second girl would be delivered, but Maria and her husband decided to wait until Katie arrived naturally. There were also risks of health complications inducing labor.

The twins' birth was described as "extremely unusual" and definitely something not seen in Irish medical history. Another incident like this known to have happened was with twins born 84 days apart. This instance is possibly a new world record.

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