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Cop fired 8 times: Fla. cop fired over and over now up for his 9th firing

Cop fired 8 times: Fla. cop fired over and over now up for his 9th firing, How many times must an employee be fired before the employer get a clue? Eight, if you’re a police officer that is. Nine strikes and this cop might be out.

Sgt. German Bosque, who has been fired eight times from three different police departments, has been charged with leaving his assault weapon with his girlfriend’s father, a trained security guard, while on an eight-day leave.

According to a May 3 report, that’s a little too many run-ins with the law, for a lawman that is.

The Opa-locka Police Department from Opa-Locka, Fla. has now presented its case to an arbitration officer to dismiss Bosque (again).

City Attorney Joe Geller said, "We’re here on a very simple matter. It’s going to be up to the arbitrator. We think what the officer did was wrong.”

Geller is arguing that Bosque violated the department’s policy that an officer’s weapon should be secured at all times.

But like the Terminator, Bosque has a history of coming back: He's the most fired, fined and disciplined officer in the state.

The Miami cop has managed to return to his post despite his alleged vices. The Miami Herald reports Bosque has beaten back a long list of head-turning charges, including:

Busting the skull of a handcuffed suspect
Beating juveniles
Having dope and booze in his squad car
Ripping off suspects
Falsifying reports
Participating in an unauthorized chase where four people were killed
Calling in sick … from Cancun

“It’s allegations. Allegations are not convictions,” said Bosque’s union-provided attorney, Andrew Axelrad. “We have a system in place, and that system is a fair system.”

To hear Bosque tell it, he just loves his job:

“I love serving the community. I love what I do for a living, and I’m very proud,” he said.

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