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Ted Bundy homework assignment leaves substitute without a job

Ted Bundy homework assignment leaves substitute without a job, Given in an Oklahoma geometry class has parents outraged. According to KMOV on May 2, a substitute teacher gave the assignment, but now the teacher will be looking for work elsewhere.

The assignment at Nathan Hale High School had one word problem challenging students to figure out high serial killer Ted Bundy's ladder would reach given one set of parameters. Another word problem made up a guy named “Creepy John” who was watching neighbors with a telescope. Students were supposed to determine how far apart the two buildings were given the angles in the problem.

It seems the teacher was trying to capture the attention of the students by being creative, but parents found it creepy and inappropriate. It seems the principal at Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa, Okla. agrees. Reports indicate the principal has made the decision to not have the substitute return to the school.

While many of the 10th graders may not have known much about the infamous serial killer, most would agree that the Ted Bundy homework assignment was not appropriate for the young teens. The substitute certainly got creative and caught people's attention, but it seems the plan backfired on him.

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