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The Kentucky Dirty: Sex toy races the new way to waste money in Vegas

The Kentucky Dirty: Sex toy races the new way to waste money in Vegas, It seems that Las Vegas really does have something for everyone, especially now that people can go waste their money on sex toy racing for the "Kentucky Dirty," reports Huffington Post on May 2. The new racing concept was created by Frederic Walme the CEO of Fun Factory, a creator and distributor of adult sex toys.

The Kentucky Dirty is easy to easy enough for everyone to play, simply place your bet on which vibrator you want to win, then watch as the battery operated vibrators buzz across the finish line in a 1.5 mph race. The sex toys propel themselves on a piece of paper using a new technology that Fun Factory called "drive." It's not the most difficult game but it is more complex than playing Keno.

Walme claims that it gets players all riled up to race their favorite dildoes. Huffington Post says that they will be attending the next race when the Kentucky Dirty comes to New York's History of Sex Museum. HuffPo will be there to raise money for a LGBT charity.

While it may be weird, and likely make people uncomfortable, it could be just the thing to help raise money for many various LGBT charities, AIDS, and other "sexual" groups and charities.

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